Technical leadership

Matrix uses advanced materials and technologies derived from the aerospace and defence industries to manufacture a range of high performing composite syntactic products. The company invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to continually advance its product range and embrace new opportunities. Many of the products are registered under international patents to protect intellectual property and to retain a competitive advantage.

Matrix’s head office boasts a large R&D facility run by scientists and material engineers from a broad spectrum of high performing industry disciplines. A range of on-site testing facilities allows products to be tested to relevant internal, client and international standards before release.

Advanced manufacturing processes

When designing the world’s largest, most technically advanced composite syntactic manufacturing facility in Henderson, WA, Matrix drew from the latest advanced manufacturing concepts including LEAN Production and one piece flow.

The company also uses highly automated manufacturing processes including moving work cells and production lines, automated chemical processing, robotics and Scada-based control systems. This has allowed Matrix to produce superior quality products that are competitively priced and can be delivered within shorter timeframes.

The commitment to R&D and finding more efficient and innovative ways to manufacture its products is why Matrix leads the way when it comes to technical innovation and product quality.

Operational excellence

Quality, cost efficiency and product turnaround times are three key ingredients to the success of Matrix. Given its global client base, operating within the most efficient structure possible is mandatory to ensure the delivery of its three key ingredients.

The pursuit of operational efficiencies and product and material innovations never ends, with the team at Matrix unified in their approach to excellence.